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In this section you can review information about the progress of the Hidrovia Amazonica project, as well as news published in different local, national or international media related to the project, organized chronologically.

The ambitious project of the Amazon Waterway seeks to promote transport between the jungle communities of Peru and Brazil
(Regional Coalition, 02/01/2018)
Although the Amazon is the largest river in the world, that does not mean that ships can navigate it without problems.
Every year, between the months of July and October, the amount of water is reduced on the Peruvian side of the river, forming sand banks that don’t allow boats to pass.
Many vessels run aground or must look for alternative routes through a network that have little updated information and where they are most likely to encounter similar obstacles.(read full story)

In search of the deepest rivers [REPORT]
(El Comercio, 07/09/2017)
A consortium will clean rocks and sediment in several stretches of the Huallaga, Marañón, Ucayali and Amazonas rivers to streamline navigation. Works on the Amazon Waterway would give strategic importance to the northern jungle.
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MTC signs waterway concession contract at the border with Brazil
(El Comercio, 07/09/2017)
The project, which will integrate the Ucayali, San Martín and Loreto regions, will allow shorter travel times and lower costs.
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This is how the Amazon Waterway will work
(Management, 07/09/2017)
Project promoted by ProInversión will improve navigability conditions of the Marañón-Amazonas, Huallaga and Ucayali rivers for the economic development of the region
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