The Hidrovia Amazónica project is an initiative of the Peruvian State that considers the need to promote safe and permanent navigability in the Peruvian Amazon, through its four main rivers, Amazonas, Huallaga, Marañón and Ucayali. In this way, it seeks to promote the development of the Peruvian Amazon by providing better conditions for river transport.
The Amazon Waterway will guarantee a safe navigation channel and an efficient and viable logistic corridor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with an extension of 2,687 kilometers along the four main rivers of our Amazon: Huallaga, Ucayali, Marañón and Amazonas .
The Hidrovia Amazonica focuses its strategic aspect on the possibility of integrating the Amazon to the so-called Amazonas Norte Multimodal Hub, which brings together the departments from Piura to Loreto and allows integration with neighboring countries Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

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The Amazon Waterway will allow benefits through:

  • Safe and Efficient Navigability: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a navigation channel 100% operational.
  • Economic Development: Achieve national integration and increased trade between the neighboring countries of Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil with our country.
  • Reduction of Costs: fluvial transport and operation of the vessels, as well as the increase of the load capacity throughout the year.
  • Reduced Travel Time: Reduced travel time and decreased perishable product losses due to shorter travel time and less possibility of accidents, to safeguard the safety of people’s lives.
  • Permanent Information (GPS): Information on the conditions of the navigation channel, with updated information on the activities and services that will be carried out on the Waterway.
  • It will promote coordination with public institutions  for joint work in the Amazon.


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